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Labor & Employment Attorney in New York, New York

Rudy A. Dermesropian provides high-quality counsel and representation to individual and business clients in litigation, arbitration, internal investigations and complaints, union and administrative hearings, and other disputes and procedures in labor and employment law.

If you are in the greater New York, New York area and need tough, knowledgeable representation in matters related to labor & employment, you can trust your case to Rudy A. Dermesropian, Attorney at Law. Mr. Dermesropian has been helping individuals navigate their complicated labor & employment legal issues for years, and he can provide you with the same skilled legal counsel. For issues involving arbitration, litigation, union hearings, and more, you can put your case in the hands of Rudy A. Dermesropian and move forward with confidence.

Seek Fair Treatment

Mr. Dermesropian provides services related to such workplace issues like employment discrimination claims and other types of employment disputes, employee benefits, disability benefits claims, employee handbooks, collective bargaining arbitration, unemployment benefits, the representation of clients before administrative agencies and in employment and labor-related lawsuits.

Mr. Dermesropian also regularly advises and represents companies, executives, professionals, and all other employees in negotiating employment and severance agreements as well as compliance matters.

Labor & Employment difficulties can quickly become complicated and tangled up in complex regulations and laws. Rather than try to move forward in your legal matters on your own, your best option is to consult with an experienced labor & employment attorney like Rudy A. Dermesropian. Mr. Dermesropian has years of experience helping individuals face employers and big organizations in a variety of difficult legal situations.

If you are in the greater New York, New York area, and you are in need of aggressive legal representation to help you deal with your labor & employment matters, turn to a skilled attorney to give you the legal counsel you need to pursue the outcome you want. Contact Rudy A. Dermesropian, LLC today and schedule a consultation.