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Locked in a tense dispute with your employer? Wondering what your rights are when it comes to intellectual property? Regardless of your circumstances, you deserve to know what to expect from the legal system. At the Law Offices of Rudy A. Dermesropian in New York, NY, you can get the assistance you need from our labor and employment law attorney.

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  • Labor and employment
  • Civil litigation
  • Medical malpractice
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  • Commercial litigation
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  • Corporate law
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  • Rudy A. Dermesropian is a trusted...

    • Labor law attorney, because he assists with collective bargaining arbitration and similar matters.
    • Litigation attorney, because he has nearly 15 years of experience representing employees, business partners, shareholders and other disputing parties.
    • Employment law attorney, because he's willing to take on disputes involving benefits, contracts, employee handbooks, securities and similar matters.
    Plus, attorney Dermesropian is one of the few employment and labor law attorneys in the area who speaks Arabic, Armenian, French and Spanish. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

    Rudy A. Dermesropian is a trusted...

    Immigration lawyer,

    because he simplifies a process that would otherwise be intimidating

    Litigation attorney,

    because he has nearly 15 years of experience representing employers, employees, landlords, tenants and other disputing parties

    Personal injury lawyer,

    because he's willing to take on class-action lawsuits and other major cases

    Plus, attorney Dermesropian is one of the few litigation, immigration and personal injury lawyers in the area who speaks Arabic, Armenian, French and Spanish. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

    Don't Face Your Legal Challenges On Your Own

    How a Trained Legal Professional Can Make a Difference in Your Case and Set You Up for Success

    Accessible Counsel

    You can have peace of mind knowing your attorney makes it a priority to be available and provide updates on the details and changes pertaining to your case.

    Personal Attention

    The outcome of your case is important to you, which is why you will receive dedicated, individual attention at every stage throughout the legal process.

    Clear Communication

    Listening to your concerns and answering your questions will allow you to feel confident that your representation is looking after your best interests.

    Let An Experienced Attorney Make a Difference for You

    Legal situations can be complicated and require a skilled understanding. When you are faced with a situation in your personal or professional life that necessitates the representation of a trained professional, choosing the right attorney for your case is an important decision to make. An attorney who combines extensive experience with a dedication to personal service makes the decision much easier.

    At Rudy A. Dermesropian, LLC, your interests will receive the proper care and attention as you are guided step by step through the legal process. Rudy provides a wide range of legal services to individual clients as well as businesses. If you are in the greater New York, NY area and are involved in a dispute with your employer regarding wages, collective bargaining, unemployment benefits, or discrimination allegations, Rudy will bring over a decade of experience to the table in order to help you pursue a fair and satisfying result to your issue.

    In matters involving civil litigation, Rudy Dermesropian has experience defending clients' rights in medical malpractice cases, landlord/tenant disputes, personal injuries, and more. You will never have to face your legal challenges alone when you have a seasoned, skilled, and professional civil litigation attorney to assist you in your case.

    From corporate law matters related to business contracts and transactions to helping individuals and businesses with appellate court actions, Rudy has the insight to help you make well-informed decisions for your personal or professional future. There is no substitute for having the services of a qualified attorney to help guide you and work on your behalf for a favorable outcome in your case. If you or your business are in need of strong legal representation in New York, NY and the surrounding area, choose an attorney you can rely on. Contact Rudy A. Dermesropian, LLC today and schedule your free consultation.