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Civil Litigation

Mr. Dermesropian takes the necessary time to know and understand his clients’ needs, businesses and industries and works to support their objectives through creative and efficient dispute avoidance and resolution solutions. Prior to the commencement of any litigation procedure, Mr. Dermesropian counsels his clients on the pros and cons of litigation and discusses in details the challenges and advantages of all available options, all the while staying conscious of the disruptive impact litigation can have on a client’s life, relationships, and executive and business operations. Risk management and avoidance are an integral part of Mr. Dermesropian’s counseling services.

Fight for Your Rights

Litigation encompasses all phases of business and personal life, from commercial and corporate, to personal injury, domestic relations, legal malpractice, professional and medical malpractice, negligence, fraud, copyright, landlord/tenant conflicts, civil and commercial matters, breach of contract, intellectual property and lawsuits involving the interests of insurance companies.

However, when litigation is unavoidable or presents the best alternative, Mr. Dermesropian openly and transparently works with his clients, whether on the plaintiff or defendant's side, to plan strategy and eliminate unnecessary costs, while customizing a litigation plan to fit each case and client. Mr. Dermesropian applies his business and industry knowledge not only to strategic advocacy for solving the current problem but also to recommendations for avoiding future risks.